Various Tie Knots

So guys do you know What did the necktie say to the hat?
It said "You go on ahead, I'll just hang around"

Jokes apart . 

Did you know how to tie a tie and its various ways
 Here are some of them

The additional accessories have become very popular for both men and women since the great fashion emancipation that men have gained lately. Now we can find numerous accessory shops that offer accessories for the both types of shoppers, irrespective of certain clichés. However, if we consider the classical and never-ending symbol of manhood in general and of gentlemen in particular, we must definitely mention the tie as the most important accessory that has been marking a man’s looks for three centuries now.

The tie has greatly evolved through time, however, remaining with the same basic function, that of a neck accessory. In spite of that though, the most notable way to express the evolution of the tie is through the analysis of the different and numerous types of tie knots that appeared in time. All of these tie knots have been marked by a historical point and also carries a symbolic value. Thus, we can distinguish between the various types of tie knots that are today used by men all over the world in different occasions: The Four in Hand tie knots, The Half Windsor, the Windsor and the Shell Knot. These are the most popular and each of them carries a certain symbolism of the period of time in which it has been discovered.

Men tend to vary their tie knots according to the occasions in which the ties are worn to. This means that the way the tie looks also expresses an idea about the man’s fashion intention or of an eventual special or elegant occasion he may be attending. There are numerous styles and even more tutorials that teach men about the use and the effects of tie knots, both as necessity and as symbolism and all of these need to be considered in order to know more about the updated style of the tie.

The tie has always been one of the most elegant accessories for men, even when they are not dressed extremely elegant. This is why ties have become the multitasking accessories that can accompany a wide range of outfits, from casual to elegant and ultra-elegant. Style experts say that the difference, when it comes to ties, is made by the tie knots adopted on the various occasions put into question. According to the occasion in which the tie is worn, the tie knots make the difference and match the outfit to the actual situation in which the tie is used.

Our advice regarding tie knots would be very simple and practical: no matter of the type of knots you may be using for one occasion or another, you must always keep in mind that the tie is as important as the tie knot itself, if not even more important. For this reason, we have established an aim out of offering some of the most beautiful and elegant silk ties, in order to meet all the requirements and necessities that relate to tie knots in general. You can hence make your choice from among a great variety of quality ties available.

Other than just a simple masculine accessory, the tie has got a special meaning when being worn at the right outfit. Just like that, the tie knot also has its special function, a fact that we highlight when offering some of the most beautiful and elegant ties on the market.

so lets end this up with an interesting quote. please be serious:

I told my dentist my teeth are going yellow. he told me to wear a brown tie. 
Rodney Dangerfield