Random Talks: Chai Time With Akshatha Marla

So Akshatha Marla from Mangalore Joins for a Short Tea time here with us for YFQ,

A very fun loving gal,beautiful indeed and I bet she can rock anyone's world. Pictures below :)

YFQ: Tea or Coffee?
Akshatha: Tea .Good morning again

YFQ: So you like wishing good morning or good night ?
Akshatha: Good morning

YFQ: Which man will you choose to get married, an entrepreneur, a techie,a film artist? And why?
Akshatha: Well I am okay with any profession doesn't matter.. :)

YFQ: Favorite actor?
Akshatha: Sudeep

Ahem! There is a pic Below :)

Me: Favorite actress?
Akshatha: Deepika Padokone

YFQ: If you have a give a only kiss to a man in this planet apart from your family, who will that be?
Akshatha: Salman Khan (Blushes)

You still have a chance Akshatha, Salman's not married yet :)

YFQ: What will you do first if you get a snoring room mate/life partner ?
Akshatha: I will go to other room and sleep.

:P I shouldn't have asked that question!

YFQ: Which is the most dangerous/adventurous thing you have ever done?
Akshatha: Slapped a guy

I move my chair a bit back

YFQ: What did he do?
Akshatha: He was actin too smart

YFQ:If you were granted 3 wishes, what would you ask for?
Akshatha: Health wealth and love

Wish you all the Best Akshatha. Thanks for talking to us. :) We will keep talking more!.

You can follow Akshatha here: https://www.facebook.com/akshatha.marla.7

Image gallery:

Some magazine extracts: (Sorry if you cant read this local language )