Top 5 Types of Sunglasses For Real Men

Are you wearing sunglasses strictly to protect your eyes from the sun? 
But there is no hiding the fact that they make you look stylish too.

Sunglasses have evolved from being an expert-recommended eyewear to a much-desired fashion accessory. So, while you are taking care of your clothing, make sure you top it by the coolest goggles out there.
Check out our top 5 types below:

1. Ray-Ban Wayfarer

The various styles and shades of this Ray Ban Wayfarer is available in make it worth all the bucks you need to spend to grab it.

2. The Aviator

An aviator will not leave you pondering over what to wear with it, as it suits almost any type of clothes - whether it jeans, casuals or suits

3. Western Look 

The RB3413 sunglasses from Rayban are just right for you if you wanna go for a wester outta. This gives you a vintage and clean look. It is slim and light and the frame is  very flexible, making sure that the comfort level is not compromised.

4. Rimless

Rimless sunglasses are most subtle due to the absence of any rim, and that is what makes them look good with all outfits. You will often see sportsperson wearing these types of glasses

5. Wraparounds

If you are into sports, wraparounds are recommended as there is a lesser risk of these falling off your face.As they are comfortable wrapped around your eyes, they protect them from glare and have a distinguished look if seen from the fashion perspective thus doing an all-round job

So which is your next sunglasses pick? do let us know by commenting below: