Know Your Beer Glasses And What To use When- YFC Guide

Firstly: this write-up isn't for people who drink their beer in plastic cups, well no offence

It rather is for people who are always looking for fancy, sophisticated and just the right kind of beer glasses. For a guy, knowing what glass goes with which beer is more important than knowing what shirt goes with what pants.

Traditionally, certain beers have a specific glass style associated with them. Using these glasses is a sign of your high regard for great beer. The nice thing about beer glassware, though, is that it doesn’t involve hard-and-fast rules. Not using these styles is a sign of being a normal person without really cool glassware, so don’t freak out if you lack a certain glass.

Beer flute: 
Rather thin and dainty with a stem and a base, the beer flute is used for Pilsners and similar beers but is meant for beers that emulate wines.

Tulip Glass:
Another classic glasses.These glasses bear a resemblance to flute glasses, but with a more spread base. They have a wider mouth that makes way for a better head formation. The round structure lets the aroma catch more zing.

The goblet is used almost exclusively for Berliner Weisse and some Trappist and Abbey Ales.

The silhouette of the thistle glass is exactly as the name implies. The thistle is a uniquely shaped glass, almost exclusively used for strong Scottish Ales. They help intensify the beer’s aroma.

Dimpled pint mug:
 The dimpled pint mug was used at one time as the standard drinking vessel in British pubs.

The Pilsner glass comes in a many styles. The more elegant ones are tall and footed and made of wafer-thin glass; they hold 10 or 12 ounces.

The Right Glasses for Select Beer Styles
Glass DescriptionBeer
Deep, tulip-shaped glassesStrong beers, such as Belgian Ales,Kingfisher Strong
Simple pint glassesMild Ales and Brown Ales, Porters, Stouts,Royal Challenge
Small, brandy snifter–type glasses or even cordialsRich and spirituous Barleywines, Old Ales, and Imperial Stouts
Thin, stemmed flutesSome aromatic Trappist and Abbey Ales and Belgian Fruit Beers
Tall, narrow glassesLight, spritzy, and aromatic beers, such as Pilsners and Witbiers,Haywards
Tall, thick glassesWheat Beers like Hoegaarden
Wide-bowled gobletsAromatic beers, such as Berliner Weisse,Haywards

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An Article by Prakhyath Rai N